The Most Important Discoveries in Chemistry that changed the world

Do you know who Discovered the Most Significant Things in Chemistry?

Discoveries In The Field Of Chemistry

The Most Important Discoveries in Chemistry that changed the world

Discoveries in Medicinal Chemistry

  • Penicillin: Back in 1928, Alexander Fleming, the Scottish doctor, pharmacologist, and bacteriologist noticed that Penicillin was killing the bacteria in his experiment! and became one of the most important medical discoveries ever made.Howard Florey and Ernst Boris Chain, two biochemists who went on to build on Alexander Fleming discovery.The three scientists together won the Nobel Prize for their work on penicillin, whilst the mould itself is thought to have since saved two hundred million lives. It is thought to be one of the accidental chemistry discoveries.
  • Taxol: it is one of the most effective treatments of cancer in the world. This drug works by preventing cells from dividing, which ultimately leads to the death of the cell.It was discovered back in the 1960s when Monroe Wall and Mansukh Wani were collecting tree samples as part of a US National Cancer Institute project to find new substances with which to fight cancer it was finally used on patients in 1992.
  • Anaesthetic: Once upon a time, if someone needed medical surgery, the only feasible way to ease the pain was to ply them with alcohol and hope for the best. Morton was always to claim that he was the discoverer of anaesthesia, this isn’t strictly true. Opium, and alcohol itself were themselves effective substances for pain relief, and a type of ether had been used way back in 1525, by Paracelsus.

Chemical Inventions in Farming and Food

Chemical Technologies that Changed Our Lives

  • Plastic
  • LCD Screens

Radiation – A Great Scientific Discovery

Chemistry Discoveries Past and Present

Overall, the scientific discoveries presented in this article are some of the greatest in the last two centuries. They have made an extreme impact on our lives whether we’d like to admit it or not. It is no doubt that they have changed our lives. These 5 discoveries have not only impacted generations before us in a positive way but will also impact many generations to come. As time goes on, we’ll make new chemistry discoveries as well.

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