Surface Chemistry Online Mock Test 1

This Quiz is a Simple test for +2 Science group students which contain Questions in Surface Chemistry Class XII. Just participate in it and...

This Quiz is a Simple test for +2 Science group students which contain Questionsin Surface Chemistry Class XII. Just participate in it and test your skill. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  1. Tyndall effect is not observed in
  2. emulsion
    colloidal solution
    true solution

  3. An emulsion is a colloidal solution of
  4. two solids
    two liquids
    two gases
    one solid and one liquid

  5. An example of gel is
  6. paint

  7. An example of lyophilic colloid is
  8. sulphur in water
    phosphorus in water
    all of these

  9. Argyrol is
  10. colloidal silver
    colloidal antimony
    colloidal gold
    milk of magnesia

  11. Catalyst used in Deacon's method of manufacture of chlorine is
  12. NO

  13. Coconut charcoal has a great capacity of the _____________ of gases
  14. adsorption
    all of these

  15. Colloidal medicines are more effective because
  16. they are clean
    they are easy to prepare
    they are easily assimilated and adsorbed
    the germs move towards them

  17. Colloids are purified by
  18. precipitation

  19. Curd is a colloidal solution of
  20. liquid in liquid
    liquid in solid
    solid in liquid
    solid in solid

  21. Decomposition of hydrogen peroxide is retarded in the presence of
  22. alcohol
    Manganese dioxide, MnO2
    Molybdenum, Mo

  23. Electrophoresis is _____________ property of a colloid
  24. Optical

  25. Emulsifying agent is used for
  26. precipitation of an emulsion
    denaturation of an emulsion
    stabilization of an emulsion
    oxidation of an emulsion

  27. Fe(OH)colloidal particles adsorb _____________ ions
  28. Fe3+

  29. Fog is a colloidal solution of
  30. liquid in gas
    gas in liquid
    gas in solid
    solid in gas

  31. For chemisorption which is wrong?
  32. It is irreversible
    It requires activation energy
    It forms multi(molecular) layers on absorbate
    Surface compounds are formed

  33. In case of physical adsorption, there is desorption when
  34. temperature decreases
    temperature increases
    pressure increases
    concentration increases

  35. In the reaction between oxalic acid and potassium permanganate, in the presence of dil. H2SO4
  36. K2SO4

  37. Oil soluble dye is mixed with emulsion and emulsion remains colorless then, the emulsion is
  38. O / W
    W / O
    O / O
    W / W

  39. Smoke is a colloidal solution of
  40. gas in solid
    solid in gas
    gas in liquid
     liquid in gas

  41. The blue colour of the sky is due to
  42. Tyndall effect
    Brownian movement

  43. The catalyst used for the decomposition of KClO3 is
  44. MnO2

  45. The colloid used for stomach disorder is
  46. colloidal silver
    colloidal antimony
    colloidal gold
    Milk of Magnesia

  47. The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in the presence of colloidal platinum is a / an
  48. positive catalysis
    negative catalysis
    induced catalysis

  49. The emulsifying agent used in O / W emulsion is
  50. long chain alcohols

  51. The function of FeCl3 in the conversion of Fe(OH)3 precipitate into a colloid is
  52. peptising agent
    emulsifying agent
    reducing agent
    precipitating agent.

  53. The iron catalyst used in the Haber's process is poisoned by
  54. Pt

  55. The migration of colloidal particles under the influence of an electric field is known as
  56. electro-osmosis
    electrolysis / hot dialysis

  57. The oxidation of sodium sulphite by air is retarded by
  58. MnO2

  59. The platinum catalyst used in the oxidation of SO2 in contact process is poisoned by
  60. Arsenious oxide (As2O3)
    Vanadium pentoxide (V2O5)
    Ferric oxide (Fe2O3)
    Cupric chloride (CuCl2)

  61. The sky looks blue due to
  62. adsorption
    scatter blue light

  63. The Tyndall effect is associated with colloidal particle due to
  64. scattering of light
    presence of charge
    absorption / diffusion of light
    reflection of light

  65. Silica gel is utilised for the _____________ of the number of gases
  66. adsorption
    all of these

  67. Which one is correct factor that explains the increase of rate of reaction by a catalyst?
  68. Shape selectivity
    Particle size
    Increase of free energy
    Lowering of activation energy

  69. Which one of the following factors is false regarding catalyst?
  70. Small quantity is enough
    Initiate the reaction
    Remains unchanged in mass and chemical composition
    Specific in its action

  71. Which type of colloidal is a sol?
  72. solid in liquid
    liquid in solid
    solid in solid
    gas in solid

  73. Ruby glass is a colloidal solution of:
  74. Solid-sol

  75. For selective hydrogenation of alkynes into alkene the catalyst used is
  76. Ni at 250°C
    Pt at 25°C
    Pd, partially inactivated by quinoline
    Raney nickel

  77. The principal emulsifying agent for W / O emulsion is
  78. proteins
    lamp black
    synthetic soaps

  79. Haze is a colloidal solution of
  80. gas in liquid
    liquid in gas
    gas in solid
    solid in gas

  81. The sol used in eye lotion is
  82. Silver sol
    Colloidal Magnesium
    Colloidal gold
    Colloidal antimony

  83. The intermediate compound produced in the formation of SO3 by lead chamber process is
  84. NO

  85. The magnitude of gaseous adsorption does not depend upon
  86. temperature
    nature of the gas
    amount of the adsorbent

  87. An example of lyophilic colloid is
  88. colloidal solution of metal
    sulphur in water
    Fe(OH)3 colloid

  89. Which one of the following processes does not involve coagulation?
  90. Peptisation
    Formation of delta
    Purification of drinking water using alum
    Tanning of leather using tannin
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Advanced Chemistry: Surface Chemistry Online Mock Test 1
Surface Chemistry Online Mock Test 1
Advanced Chemistry
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