P Block Elements Group 15 Important MCQ Question

  1. The most stable hydride is .. [EAMCET 1988]   a) NH3  b) PH3  c) AsH3  d) SbH3
  2. Phosphorus pentaoxide is widely used as ( GUJCET 2010)
     a) reducing agent
     b) oxidizing agent
     c) dehydrating agent
     d) bleaching agen     Please Follow chemistryup.in
  3. Phosphide ion has the electronic structure similar to that of .. [ CPMT 1988]   a) Nitride ion  b) Fluoride ion  c) Sodium ion  d) Chloride ion
  4. There is very little difference in acid strength in the series H3PO4, H3PO3 and H3PO2 because  a) Phosphorus in these acid exists in different oxidation states  b) Number of unprotonated oxygen responsible for increase of acidity due to inductive effect remains the same  c) Phosphorus is not a highly electronegative element  d) Phosphorus oxides are less electronegative element
  5. The three important oxidation states of phosphorus are .. [ Kerala MEE 2002]  a) -3, +3 and +5  b) -3, +3 and -5  c) -3, +4 and -4  d) -3, +3 and +4
  6. Producer gas is a mixture of [AIIMS 1998, 2000]
     a) CO + H2
     b) H2 + CH4
     c)CO +N2
     d) CO +H2O
  7. Ammonia compound which on heating does not give NH3 [ Roorkee 1993]
     a) (NH4)2SO4
     b) (NH4)2CO3
     c) NH4NO2
     d) NH4Cl
  8. Which of the following is metaphosphoric acid? [ J and K CET 2002]
     a) H3P3O9
     b) H5P3O10
     c) H9P2O7
     d) H3PO4
  9. Among the trihalides of nitrogen which one is most basic? [ Punjab CET 1997]
     a) NF3
     b) NCl3
     c) NI3
     d) NBr3
  10. N forms NCl3 whereas P can form PCl3 and PCl5 why? [ Orissa JEE 2004]
     a) P has low lying 3d-orbitals, which can be used for bonding but N does not have 3d-orbitals in its valance shell
     b) N atoms is larger than P in size
     c) P is more reactive towards Cl than N
     d) None of these
  11. The bond present in N2O5 are [ IIT 1986]
     a) Only ionic
     b) Covalent and coordinate
     c) Only covalent
     d) Covalent ionic
  12. P4O10 is not used to dry NH3 gas because [ KCET 2001]
     a) P4O10 reacts with moisture in NH3
     b) P4O10 is not a drying agent
     c) P4O10 is acidic and NH3 is basic
     d) P4O10 is basic and NH3 is acidic
  13. Which of the following is paramagnetic? [ MPCET 1990]
     a) NO
     b) N2O4
     c) P4O6
     d) N2O5
  14. Which of the following is a cyclic phosphate [ Haryana CEET 1196]
     a) H3P3O10
     b) H6P4O13
     c) H5P5O15
     d) H7P5O16
  15. The brown ring test for NO2- and NO3- is due to the formation of complex ion with a formula [ KCET 2000]
     a) [ Fe(H2O)5NO ]2+
     b) Mg3N2
     c) NH3
     d) MgO
  16. The P-P-P bond angle in white phosphorus is [ MPCET 1991]
     a) 120°
     b) 109° 28′
     c) 90°
      d) 60°
  17. The acid which forms two series of salt [ haryana CEET 1995]
     a) H3PO4
     b) H3PO3
     c) H3PO2
     d) H3BO2
  18. Which of the following fluoride does not exist? [ MPCET 1993 ]
     a) NF5
     b) PF5
     c) AsF5
     d) SbF5
  19. Brown colour in HNO3 can be removed by
     a) Adding Mg power
     b) Boiling the acid
     c) Passing HN3 through acid
     d) Passing air through warm acid
  20. Read P can be obtained white P by [ Kernataka CET 1989]
     a) Heating in an atmosphere over 369K
     b) Distilling it in a inert atmosphere
     c) Dissolving it in CS2 and crystallizing
     d) Melting it and pouring the liquid into water
  21. A metal X on heating in nitrogen gas gives Y, Y on treatment with H2O gives a colourless gas which when passed through CuSO4 solution gives blue colour, Y is
     a) Mg(NO3)2
     b) Mg3N2
     c) NH3
     d) MgO
  22. In modern process, white phosphorus is manufactured by .. [ CPMT 1994]
     a) Heating a mixture of phosphorite mineral with sand and coke in an electric furnace
     b) Heating calcium phosphate with lime
     c) Heating bone ash with coke
     d) Heating phosphate mineral with sand
  23. Which of the following is a cyclic phosphate? [ Haryana CEET 1996]  a) H3P3O10  b) H6P4O13  c) H5P5O15  d) H2P5O16
  24. Amongst the following elements ( whose electronic configurations are given below), the one having the highest ionization energy is [ IIT 1990] a) [Ne]3s2 3p1 b) [Ne] 3s2 3p3 c) [Ne] 3s23p2 d) [Ar] 3d10 4s2 4p3
  25. Structure of white phosphorus is … [ BHU 1994]
     a) Square planar
     b) Pyramidal
     c) Tetrahedral
    d) Trigonal planar
  26. In nitrogen family, the H-E-H bond angle in the hydrides gradually becomes closer to 90° on going from N to Sb. This shows that gradually
     a) The basic strength of the hydrides increases
     b) Bond energies of M-H bonds increases
     c) Almost pure p-orbitals are used for E-H bonding
     d) The bond pairs of electrons become nearer to the central atom
  27. Among the following species, identify the isostructureal pairs… [ IIT 1996] NF3, NO3- , BF3 H3O+, HN3
    a) [NF3,NO3-] and [ BF3, H3O+]
    b) [NF3, HN3] and [NO3-, BF3]
    c) [NF3, H3O+] and [NO3-, BF3]
    d) [NF3, H3O+] and [HN3,BF3]
  28. Ionic radii of As3+, Sb3+,and Bi3+ follow the order … [ EAMCET 2001]  a) As3+ > Sb3+ > Bi3+  b) Sb3+ > Bi3+ > As3+  c) Bi3+ > As3+ > Sb3+  d) Bi3+ > Sb3+ > As3+
  29. Which of the following is an oxyacid?
     a) Ba(OH)2
     b) Mg(OH)2
     c) H3PO3
     d) HCl
  30. In the following reaction the product A is PCl5 + water → HCl + A [BVP pune 2002]
     a) H2P2O4
     b) H2P2O7
     c) H3PO4
     d) H3PO3
  31. Of the following compounds, the most acidic is … [ MP PMT 2002]
     a) As2O3
     b) P2O3
     c) Sb2O3
     d) Bi2O3
  32. Oxidation number of nitrogen is highest in .. [ j and K CEE 2003]  a) N3H  b) N2H4  c) NH2OH  d) NH3
  33. Constitution of superphosphate is .. [ COPMT1993]
     a) Gypsum and calcium dihydrogen phosphate
     b) Gypsum and calcium phosphate
     c) Gypsum and H3P4
     d) Calcium phosphate and H3PO4
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