Online Chemistry Mock Test for NEET, JEE Main and SSC

JEE Main | NEET Online Chemistry MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)

Online Chemistry Mock Test for NEET, JEE Main and SSC

Chemistry mock test for neet for class 11 chemistry and class 12 chemistry , JEE Main and NEET.
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Nowadays, online mock test or aptitude test questions is the most popular process for selecting candidates for upcoming competitive exams preparation  like  cbse neet ug , cbsenet , iit jee main , jee advanced , wbjee etc.The traditional competitive exam procedure was costly, maximum effort very lengthy process. That way the process has been replaced by online test in the present times.We at Online Mock Test aim to provide the most comprehensive tests for practice which are carefully divided in to various Competitive Exams such as NEET UG , JEE Main , JEE Advanced,WBJEE ,CBSENET and many others, to help the student focus on their weak areas and Understood batter. Our mock test gives you unmatched quality analytics to help you realise your strong areas, time management and improvement areas.
 chemistry mock test for neet in follows the exact Exam Pattern, online score card that provides detailed analysis of each section individually and to help student realise their potential and excel in his/her field. Selecting the right course is just the first step on the never-ending path of education.Some requires loads of practise and positive feed forward to help in overall improvement. 
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  1. select the test which you want to give.
  2. Follow No. of Questions and Duration.
  3. After Selecting the tests, it will redirect you to the tests.
  4. Don’t refresh the page, Don’t click on Back button of the borowser.
  5. After finish the exam, click on “END Test” button. So that you can see the result.
  6. After finish the exam you cannot the same test again, if you still want to give another  then you have to go in ” Main Menu ” again.


First Step Towards Competitive Examination

These chemistry mock test for neet series or Chemistry CBT are based on multiple choice questions. There have five parts, first and second is CLASS WISE ONLINE MOCK TEST SERIES where the last three is categories wise as physical chemistry , inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry.Where we provide neet,jee main,jee advanced,iit jee,aieee and wbjee previous year question / sample paper / model question paper / online test / mock test / online aptitude test / online test series / online mock test .
Before taking the actual exam, you need to get comfortable with computers and Computer Based Tests.  We have the best environment for giving as many free mock tests as you need to prepare yourself up for the NEET & JEE Main 2019.It gives perfect idea about the main exams. It helps you to analyze yourself and see where you stand, how much you can score. It also helps you to develop strategies in order to increase your marks and perform to your full potential.

Advantages of taking chemistry mock test for neet

  • It is used to assess, where you stand in terms of preparation.
  • To maximize your own strength and to overcome your own weakness.
  • To overcome the mistakes.
  • It gain confidenceHelps to find different strategies.
  • It helps in effective time managementDevelop right strategyImproves problem solving techniques
  • It gives ideas about the exam pattern and type
  • It may become a wakeup call to the students those who aspire to clear exams
  • Better feel of the examination

Chemistry Topic Wise Tests:

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