Atomic Structure mcq practice for entrance exam

Chemistry Class 11 Atomic Structure MCQ practice for entrance exam[ Solved ] like NEET, JEE Main, AIIMS, SSC, PSC , MBBS Admission Tests Etc.

Chemistry Atomic Structure MCQ for IIT-JEE / JEE MAIN Practice Sheet

  1. Rutherford’s experiment on scattering of a-particles showed for the first time that the atom has     [1981]
     (a) Electrons
     (b) Protons
     (c) Nucleus
     (d) Neutrons
  2. Any p-orbital can accommodate up to [1983]
     (a) Four electrons
     (b) Six electrons
     (c) Two electrons with parallel spins
     (d) Two electron with opposite spins
  3. The principal quantum number of an atom is related to the [1983]
     (a) Size of the orbital
     (b) Spin angular momentum
     (c) Orientation of the orbital in space
     (d) Orbital angular momentum
  4. Rutherford’s scattering experiment is related to the size of the [1983]
     (a) Nucleus
     (b) Atom
     (c) Electron
     (d) Neutron
  5. The increasing order (lowest first) for the values of e/m (charge/mass) for electron (e), proton (p), neutron (n) and alpha particle [1984]
     (a) is (a) e, p, n, a
     (b) n, p, e, a
     (c) n, p, a, e
     (d) n, a, p, e
  6. Correct set of four quantum numbers for the valence (outermost) electon of rubidium (Z = 37) is [1984]
  7. Which electronic level would allows the hydrogen atom to absorb a photon but not to emit a photon?[1984]
     (a) 3s
     (b) 2p
     (c) 2s
     (d) 1s
  8. Bohr’s model can explain [1985]
     (a) The spectrum of hydrogen atom only
     (b) Spectrum of an atom or ion containing one electron only
     (c) The spectrum of hydrogen molecule
     (d) The solar spectrum
  9. The radius of an atomic nucleus if of the order of [1985]
     (a) 10^-10 cm
     (b) 10^-13 cm
     (c) 10^-15 cm
     (d) 10^-8 cm
  10. Electromagnetic radiation with maximum wavelength is [1985 ]
     (a) Ultraviolet
     (b) Radio wave
     (c) X-ray
     (d) Infrared
  11. Rutherford’s alpha particle scattering experiment eventually led to the conclusion that [1986]
     (a) Mass and energy are related
     (b) Electrons occupy space around the nucleus
     (c) Neutrons are buried deep in the nucleus
     (d) The point of impact with matter can be precisely determined
  12. The correct set of quantum numbers for the unpaired electron of chlorine atom is [1986]

           n         m
      (a) 2    1     0
      (b) 2    1     1
      (c) 3    1     1
      (d) 3    0     0
  13. The ratio of the energy of a photon of 200 Ǻ wavelength radiation to that of 4000 Ǻ radiation is [1986]
     (a) 1/4
     (b) 4
     (c) 1/2
     (d) 2
  14. The wavelength of a spectral line for an electron transition is inversely related to [1988]
     (a) The number of electrons undergoing the transition
     (b) The nuclear charge of the atom
     (c) The difference in the energy of the energy levels involved in the transition
     (d) The velocity of the electron undergoing the transition.
  15. The outermost electronic configuration of the most electronegative element is [1988,1990]
     (a) ns^2 np^3
     (b) ns^2 np^4
     (c) ns^2 np^5
     (d) ns^2 np^6
  16. The correct ground state electronic configuration of chromium atom is [1989]
     (a) [Ar] 3d3 4s1
     (b) [Ar] 3d4s2
     (c) [Ar] 3d4s1
     (d) [Ar] 3d4s1

atomic structure mcq for jee main

atomic structure mcq for neet



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Advanced Chemistry: Atomic Structure mcq practice for entrance exam
Atomic Structure mcq practice for entrance exam
Chemistry Class 11 Atomic Structure MCQ practice for entrance exam[ Solved ] like NEET, JEE Main, AIIMS, SSC, PSC , MBBS Admission Tests Etc.
Advanced Chemistry
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